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About Me

I’m a Landscape and Travel Photographer. I travel all over the United States looking for great places to visit and to share with friends. I’ve been interested in photography for more than 40 years. While I was in the military, I took some classes on photography and darkroom skills with 35mm film. Several online courses and courses at the local community college has sharpened my skills in photography. I have read several books on photography and I enjoy and learn from other professional photographers. I’m currently a member of several groups online to learn better skills and techniques and to help other photographers where and when I can. I’ve gone from film photography working in darkroom to the move up to digital photography. I use a Canon 80D as my work horse and a Canon 70D as my back up. However, I always have a Sony point and shoot in my pocket just in case I need a camera in a hurry. If you have a specific request please send me an email or a phone call.

Contact Me

PO Box 13090

Casa Grande, AZ 85130

Tel: 985-966-7653

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